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    How to choose a punch?

    Hammers Bosch

    You plan to redevelop in his own apartment and you may have to "reshape" the wall. And if you're going to do it in-house, you will no doubt not do without a percussion instrument as electric hammer. It is designed to punch holes in the walls, for long drilling of any solid materials - concrete, stone and other. The operation principle is the destruction of the material structure, which is realized by the use of the striking mechanism, and the reciprocating movements of the working element.

    If you have decided that you need such a device, the question arises - how to choose the punch? What to look for when buying? And, strictly speaking, it is different than, for example, from hammer drill, which is intended for the same work.

    Hammers Dewalt

    First. It is important to immediately understand that punch - a tool professional, all the technical characteristics, it is far superior to ordinary household drill, and, consequently, its price will be much higher. Second. Do Drills shock function is as an additional, punch it in the main. Moreover, if the drill drills only wall, punch her hammer and punch shock function y - Electro. And the last. At the same power puncher provides larger holes, which largely increases productivity and significantly reduces repair.

    To understand what kind of punch you need in the first place is to determine with how it will be used. And based on this already, select a device that power, which will suffice for the work. Most models of drills, such as, Makita HR 2450 has several modes depending on the application. The tool can operate as a jackhammer, and rotate (with bangs or without them). It is important to know that you can use it not only for drilling, but also more universal, such as chipping materials or hollowing niches in the walls.

    Hammers Makita

    When choosing a punch you need to consider a few important points. Better to choose the tool that enables to regulate the speed, ideally - it should have a lock button when the speed of the device is maximized. For example, Bosch GBH 2-26 DRE. Also, if you are going from time to time to use the tool as a routine drill, be sure to verify whether it has the ability to disable the shock function punch. If it does not, you will no doubt have to buy another tool - and it is, as you know, the extra cost.

    Also, make sure that there are additional configuration tool brush motor and set the Boers. This debt guarantees reliable operation punch without interruption. Since purchasing them separately still expensive. And better, if it is possible to install on this model and an adapter for use on drills Drills - this greatly extends the functionality of the tool.

    Hilti Hammers

    Draw conclusions.

    Hammers can have very different configuration. When buying, be sure to pay attention to it. Otherwise it may happen that the same functions that you need, just would not. Decide on the tasks that you will be dealt with by the perforator. Be sure to purchase the punch with a full range of accessories. And most importantly - carefully study the parameters of each model. Just then there is a chance to purchase the best punch for your home.


    Hammers Makita HR2611FT
    Makita HR2611FT

    Hammers Hitachi DH14DSL
    Hitachi DH14DSL

    Hammers Hammer PRT 800 A
    Hammer PRT 800 A

    Hammers DeWALT D 25701 K
    DeWALT D 25701 K

    Hammers Hilti TE 2-M
    Hilti TE 2-M

    Hammers Sturm RH2550
    Sturm RH2550

    Hammers Kress 800 PSE
    Kress 800 PSE

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